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Struggle for Right Choice

Struggle for Right Choice
We often find ourselves entangled in the ‘struggle for right choice,’ about what to do and what not to do. Is there a solution to this? Maybe yes, maybe no. But with over three years in this College, I have gained some experience and have even found a solution to this, which you might as well.
A man got in the desert and had exhausted all the water he had carried couple of days ago. He knew that if he did not arrange for water, he would die shortly. As exhausted as he was, the man did not give up hope. He kept walking, looking for some sign of good fortune. Suddenly he saw a small hut at a distance. "Could it be a mirage," he thought. Or maybe he was just hallucinating? But having no other option, he edged closer only to realise that the hut was real. Gathering the last bits of energy left, he dragged his tired body inside the hut hoping he could find water. The hut was empty and seem like it had been abandoned for quite some time. His heart skipped a beat when he saw what was in the hut.
A hand pump. Water finally! He was overjoyed. He began working the hand pump. But there was no sign of water. He tried harder and harder - no water. At last, he gave up. Exhausted and frustrated, he sat down thinking, "Maybe I was destined to die of thirst today."
Something shiny caught his eye. A second ray of hope. He noticed a bottle in one corner of the hut. It was filled with water and corked up to prevent evaporation. He uncorked the evaporation and just as he was about to the devour the life giving water, he noticed a piece of paper attached to it. There was a handwritten message which read, “Use this water to start the pump. Do not forget to fill the bottle when you are done."
He was now in a dilemma whether to follow the instruction and pour the water into the pump or to ignore it and just drink the water. What if he put the water into the pump and it did not work? But then. maybe the instruction was correct. Should he risk it? If it turned out to be false, he would have wasted the last chance of drinking water, when it was present in his hand.
Have you ever been in a situation like this, when there are only two options, but you are uncertain about which one you should choose? What would you do? Which one would you choose? Well, you have to choose one and you must be willing to bear the consequence that it brings. Many people do not decide because they are afraid of the consequences and they continue to remain confused in their life.
The man decided to take a leap of faith. Hands trembling, he poured water into the pump, closed his eyes, said a prayer, and started working the pump. He heard a gurgling sound and water came down gushing out then he could possibly use. He drank the cool, refreshing water to his heart's content and quenched his thirst. He was going to live. Feeling much better, he looked around the heart and found a pencil map of the region. The map showed that he was still far away from civilisation, but at least now he knew where he was, and which direction to go next. He filled up his flask for the journey ahead and as per the instruction on the note, also filled up the bottle and put the cork back in. And before leaving the hut, he added his own lines below the instruction. "Use this water to start the pump. Do not forget to fill the bottle when you are done. (Believe me, it works.)”
Most of us may not have confronted a situation like this, where our choices decide whether we live or die. Yet we have our own journey to take. Our own choices to take. If the choice we make, goes our way, fantastic! We can inspire people by telling them. Believe me it works. And if it does not go our way, we can share our mistakes, our experiences, our realisation, to empower people to make a right choice.


Contributed by: Mr. Ashutosh Kaushik

Department of Mechanical Engineering (2015-19)