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Why Vote?

Why Vote?

Why vote?

Voting is your right, duty, and responsibility to make you as well as your nation, it's your vote which will decide the vote for a 'United Nation', yeah you heard that right, a united nation where there are none such discrimination over any particular cast, creed or culture and vote for brotherhood spread all over India. 

Whom to vote?

Yeah, its the most and most important question for a brighter India and a successful India, an India which soars high all over the world.

Now comes the question whom to vote, the answer to this simply is a vote for your area's M.P. ( Member of Parliament) who is first and foremost loyal the people of his/her area not only for a month before the voting but for the whole 5 years. Secondly and most importantly he/she is not suffering from any scams or any criminal cases which can be found exclusively through the app 'Neta' which gives the total report card of the present or the contesting MP(s).

Why not waste your vote?

If you are an Indian and the Constitution of India has given you some rights, then it's your duty to obey your duties and satisfy your rights for your India. If you waste your vote and if every such person goes on to waste your vote it might help someone who is not capable of such responsibilities to win. If you waste your vote then someone who is most deserving and has very good performance in his/her area may even lose from 1 vote. Therefore, go ahead vote for them who will help you in your cultivation and will be with you in your glee as well as melancholic situations and is always supportive.

When to vote for a Nota?

Nota clearly means 'None of The Above', you all have the right to vote for this option, must caste for this option only and only if none of the contestants in your area is much capable to handle his parliamentary constituency or all of them are suffering from some criminal cases.

When not to waste your vote on NOTA?

As said earlier voting for NOTA is also your right but there are certain situations when NOTA would not be a perfect choice, if there is someone who has done great work for you and for your Parliamentary Consistency and has only focussed towards the growth of your area, you must not vote for a NOTA and must never implicit any such personal negativity to cast a vote.

Remember the fact that you are not voting for a particular caste, creed or religion you are voting for India and a successful India. India is your religion and humanity is your responsibility.



Contributed by: Mr Manish Kanjilal

Department of Computer Science Engineering

Batch of 2016-20