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Since the past few days, this was the only word which could reach anyone's ears who is a part of RVSCET. The excitement that arose with the announcement of the dates of Frolic continued till the last day with more and more appreciation and no chance for depreciation. But anything which has a beginning eventually comes to an end. Similarly, Frolic'18 that started on the 10th of January, 2019 concluded on the 12th of January, 2019.

The closing ceremony was full of enthusiasm, pomp and show. The day began with the welcoming of the Chief Guest,.Mr. Sourabh Kr. Sinha ( Additional Deputy Commissioner ) the Chairman, Mr Binda Singh sir, the Secretary, Mr Bharat Singh sir, the Executive Member of the Governing Body, Mr Shakti Singh sir, the Treasurer, Mr Shatrughna Singh sir, the Principal, Prof.(Dr.) R.N. Gupta sir, the Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof.(Dr.) Rajesh Kumar Tiwari sir, the Dean of Research and Planning, Prof.(Dr.) Vikram Sharma sir and the Professor-in-charge for Sports, Prof. Sushant Mohanty sir. The Chief Guest incited the students to work laboriously and smartly for their and this country’s welfare.

Overall Champion of Frolic – 18 Won Power House. In the 100 m race for boys, Logical was the winner while Concreto was the winner in 100 m race for girls. 400 m race for boys was won by Concreto. Relay race was won by Logical in the boys category and Concreto in the girls' category. Volleyball boys were won by Logical. Power was the winner of the basketball girls. Tug of War was won by Logical. The speciality of RVSCET is that not only the students but the teaching and non-teaching staffs also get a chance to showcase their skills Unlike every year when the supporters of the different houses get to support their houses only when any match is being played, this year the ardent supporters had a chance to support their houses online also. Yes! This year, on Facebook, the pupils had got an opportunity to vote for their houses and be the part of the most voted branch. Here also, Logical House or CSE Dept. was the winner, closely beating Torque House or ME Dept. The event was marked by felicitating the winners and runner-ups. Thereafter, the students couldn’t refrain themselves from dancing when the DJ rocked the environment. The singing of the National Anthem by everyone in unison put a full-stop to the celebrations.

This event highlighted that participation is more important than winning. The love of the students for their respective branches was greatly displayed in the celebration. Frolic has given a kick start to the year 2019 and we hope that the students, the staff members and the faculties have their energy at its peak throughout the year.