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Sports Meet Frolic-18

Sports Meet Frolic-18

The battle day has begun.  The sound of birds chirping all around marks the beginning of the most awaited day.  The ground is marked, the stage is set,  flags are raised and with the releasing of balloons, the battle day has begun.  

The frolic 2k18,  initiated with the inauguration ceremony.  The chief guest of the event is Sir Prabhat Kumar and all the dignitaries of RVSCET Jamshedpur were welcomed by flower bouquet.  He officially announced the  Frolic  2k18 open by leaving the balloons high in the air.  In his speech, he shared to the students that he became part of this festival only because of his engineering background.  He also asked the students of RVSCET to join civil services. 

The branches are divided into four teams namely,  CONCERTO (Civil),  LOGICAL (CSE), POWER (EEE), SILICON (ECE), TORQUE (MECHANICAL) and STEELIUM (METALLURGY). After the leagues, the first day of this festival commenced with the outdoor games.  The air is an enthusiast with the sportsman spirit.  The craze for one's branch among the students is seen.  

The first day of the day was volleyball which was between Concreto v/s Logical which was won by Logical by two sets.  The rivalry between the two branches was seen not only between the teams but between their audiences as they were not leaving any chance to let their opponent down.  Their loud hooting after each point boosted the energy of their players.  

The enjoyment of victory of Logical continued with the victory of girls in basketball which was played between  Torque and logical. The crowd remained charged and eagerly supported their team allroundedly.  The spring fest of the campus is at its best.  The ground remains crowded with the colourful supporters of the respective branches. 

 Hooting and cheer up prevailed in the air of RVS  atmosphere.  Quarterfinal Badminton girls were won by the logical team.  The main ground remained engaged in Semifinal cricket match that was played between Silicon vs Power won by Power and in between Logical and Torque won by  Torque.  

The basketball ground attracted most of the crowd for the match between Concerto and Torque.  The soothing sunlight and cold air blowing all around the campus significantly marking that nature is enjoying our annual sports fest in the RVS College of Engineering and Technology.