Scholarships are the financial help to the meritorious students to promote and appreciate their endeavor in academics. Scholarships are given for better performance. It is a kind of reward for brilliant students as the reduction of fees or direct financial help. Institute provides scholarships to uplift the level of education and to make it easy for brilliant and meritorious students to get higher education at low cost.

Our objective is to encourage and promote excellence in academics.

RVSCET merit scholarships require applicants to meet with its given standards. Aside from academic records, each scholarship program sets unique eligibility criteria, because these scholarship programs are limited, the competition is rather tough, usually only the best applicant receives merit based scholarship.

The scholarships are aimed at encouraging and promoting academic efforts being made by the meritorious students.
The following scholarships are being given to the meritorious students every year:

  • Siroman Singh Scholarship: Topper of each semester gets up to 25% rebate on Tuition fee.
  • Ranvijay Singh Scholarship: Overall topper of the semester of the batch gets up to 50% rebate on Tuition fee.

RVS Medha 2019

The board of Governors, R.V.S. College of Engineering and Technology, Jamshedpur is pleased to announce scholarship for the meritorious students. The details of scholarship are given below:

Based On 10+2%

Eligibility Tuition Fee Waiver for Boys Tuition Fee Waiver for Girls
>90% 60% 65%
>80% 40% 45%
>70% 25% 30%
>60% 10% 15%


Based On Diploma %

Eligibility Tuition Fee Waiver for Boys Tuition Fee Waiver for Girls
>80% 65% 70%
>70% 45% 50%
>65% 30% 35%
>60% 15% 20%



JEE Main State Rank Tuition Fee Waiver for Boys Tuition Fee Waiver for Girls
1-1300 60% 65%
1301-1900 40% 45%
1901-2500 25% 30%
2501-3500 10% 15%



  • There must be No back log in any semester.
  • A student has to attain certain percentage/CGPA to avail their scholarship in higher years. The slots may be obtained from the office.
  • There should not be any adverse report of misconduct / ill behavior by the student to avail the scholarship.
  • The student has to fulfil satisfactory attendance as per institute rule.
  • The terms and conditions can be modified at any time by the management.
  • One student can avail only one scholarship at a time provided by the college.